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Two best friends blurring the line between fiction and fact. Open Ended is hosted by Cher Vincent and James T. Green, and a member of Postloudness. Learn more at

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    #99: Hotep Corner: Vol. 3

    In our penultimate episode, Cher and James do one last Hotep Corner, because they stay trying to teach these devils!

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    #98: Moonlit Mediocrity

    This week, Cher and James discuss the short film by Alan Yang for Jay-Z's track, "Moonlight" from his latest album, 4:44. In Open Call, Cher gives love to an children breakfast food, and James give his first "Anti-Open Call". Also, BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

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    #97: "Prayers Up"

    This week, Cher and James discuss black narratives driven by white artists, including Calvin Harris and the latest show development from David Benioff and D. B. Weiss of Game of Thrones. In Open Call, Cher talks about her love of a new summertime trend, and James talks about the latest from Tyler, the Creator.

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    #96: What's good, Wendy's?

    Cher and James talk about cultural appropriation at music festivals while Cher is at the annual Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago. In Open Call, Cher tried a new menu item at Taco Bell, and James talks about his new podcast with Gimlet.

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    #95: A Whole Mess of Problematic

    Cher and James discuss problematic hip hop, in light of recent releases from 21 Savage and Jay-Z. In Open Call, Cher makes a redaction from a previous Open Call, and James talks up an upgrade to a childhood snack.

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    #94: Hotep Corner: Vol. 2

    Cher and James are opening up your Third Eye in their latest Hotep Corner. In Open Call, the theme is "digital comfort foods", with Cher giving some love for ABC's Ugly Betty, and James gets lost in the Matrix with the latest iOS beta update.

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    #93: Hey Siri, what are your thoughts on Colonialism?

    Cher and James feel like someone is watching them... it's their technology! In Open Call, Cher talks about a new Netflix show, and James talks about healthcare, but not the way you might think.

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    #92: 'A Lot of White Men Talking At Me'

    Cher talks to James about her recent podcast listening, and they both dissect the "comfort" of the white male voice, and how a new podcast woke Cher up from her pod nap. In Open Call, Cher talks about a recent live show, and James shows some love to Roxane Gay's latest book.

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    #91: 'Wanna Just Kick It?'

    Cher and James talk about making new friends as adults, and well, it's kinda hard. In Open Call, Cher rediscovered a favorite rom-com, and got a surprise in the mail, while James talks about a radio event he attended in Brooklyn.

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    #90: Thick Thighs Save Lives

    Cher and James visit the beach, in two separate cities. These are their stories. In Open Call, Cher gets active, and James sends love to a long-time supporter of Open Ended.

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